Commemorative event at Moscow’s Turkish Embassy in Moscow

By Vestnik Kavkaza

A spontaneous action in memory of the victims of the devastating earthquake is taking place in Moscow near the Turkish embassy.

A variety of people, including representatives of the Azerbaijani and Turkish diasporas, bring flowers, mourning wreaths, toys, and candles to the Turkish diplomatic mission in Moscow to express their condolences and share the grief of the people of Turkey in connection with the hideous earthquake that occurred on Monday.

Many bring humanitarian aid for the inhabitants of the provinces affected by the disaster—the diplomatic mission had previously announced collection of humanitarian aid. In the areas devastated by the disaster, there is an acute shortage of tents, heaters, blankets and winter clothes, sleeping bags and thermoses, power banks.

As Vestnik Kavkaza reported earlier, an earthquake in the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras claimed the lives of 7,108 people, another 40,910 got injures. The search and rescue operations are continuing.