Turkey and Armenia

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French President on visit to South Caucasus

French President on visit to South Caucasus

Today, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been visiting the countries of the South Caucasus. Sarkozy first visited Yerevan, then Baku, from where he went to Tbilisi.

Mehriban Aliyeva receives reward for service to Turkic world

Mehriban Aliyeva receives reward for service to Turkic world

Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Lady of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Fund and Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, has received an award "Service to Turkic World", from writers and arts figures of the Turkic world (TURKSAW).

Sochi waits for Karabakh

Sochi waits for Karabakh

Russia is making fresh efforts in the process of settling the Armenian Azerbaijani conflict.

Turkish and Armenian FMs to meet in Munich next week

Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers Ahmet Davutoglu and Edward Nalbandian will discuss Turkish-Armenian protocols during a meeting in Munich next week, Trend reports. Previously, Davutoglu held a meeting with his Armenian counterpart on January, 28.

Armenians consider Russia to be guarantor of security

Russia is the most significant country for Armenians, according to apoll by the social organization European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA)carried out in Armenia on October 15-18, RIA Novosti reports.1,210 people were questioned. 80% said that they trust Russia, 42% ofthe respondents say that they trust France.Russia is considered the main guarantor of security in Armenia andNagorno-Karabakh. 85% of the population believes that Russia plays thekey role in settling the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Armenian experts to inspect Turkish part of CFE Treaty

An inspection group from the Armenian Ministry of Defense has headedto Turkey to inspect the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe, NewsArmenia reports, citing the ministry.The experts will inspect the quantity of forces in the city of Bayazet.This is the second Armenian expert visit to Turkey. In March 2010, aninspection was held within the framework of the Vienna document in1999 and included inspection of Sarikamysh, Kars, Ardagan and Igdir.No violations were found.

World Press on Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus (October 30-31, 2010)

World Press on Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus (October 30-31, 2010)

The Los Angeles Times published an article entitled 'Ahmadinejad says food, fuel subsidies will be slashed' on Sunday, October, 31. The author informs the public that as security forces swarmed Tehran on Saturday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prepared his country in a live television interview for deep cuts in subsidies that have kept the price of everything from bread to gasoline artificially low.

Armenia could publish Yerevan-Washington phone conversation

The Armenian president's administration has agreed to publish the transcript of a telephone conversation between Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan and U.S. vice-president Joe Biden in answer to a video published on Youtube, NewsArmenia reports.According Armenian Media, the video shows Biden saying that the Armenian president asked him to postpone recognition of the genocide of the Armenians, as relations between Turkey and Armenia were improving.

President of Slovenia calls for normalization of situation in South Caucasus

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be settled using only peaceful means, Slovenian President Danilo Turk said at a press-conference in Yerevan, News.am reports. The president said that the conflict should be resolved as soon as possible. Turk urged all sides, including Turkey, to be attentive and helpful in the issue. He also urged Turkey and Armenia to continue works to restore Armenian-Turkish dialogue. The president added that Slovenia approves signing of Armenian-Turkish protocols in Zurich one year ago.

Turkish president congratulates Sargsyan on Armenian Independence Day

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has congratulated his Armeniancounterpart Serzh Sargsyan on Armenian Independence Day, Trendreports, citing Turkish TV channel CNN Turk.In his letter Gul expressed hope that the protocols signed betweenTurkey and Armenia will become a strong basis for future ties betweenboth countries.

Armenians celebrate Mass in Turkey

Hundreds of Armenian Christians are holding Mass at an island church in Turkey for the first time since the mass  killings of Armenians in the World War I, Associated Press reports. Turkey restored the 10th century Akdamar church in Lake Van, eastern Turkey in 2007 and turned it into a museum. Sunday is the first time Turkey has allowed worship there in 95 years and the government will now allow a service to be held there every year.

Azerbaijan against opening Armenian-Turkish border

Today, the head of the Socio-Political Department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Ali Gasanov, stated that the opening of the border between Turkey and Armenia does not correspond to the interests of either Turkey or Azerbaijan, reports APA. In his opinion it will introduce more chaos into the negotiations.He also said that he believes that the border will not be opened until Armenia comes to a constructive position.

Turkish and Armenian musicians to give joint concert

Notwithstanding Turkish-Armenian rapprochement having been put on hold, cultural ties between the states are strengthening. Vesti.az reports that 65 young musicians from Turkey and Armenia will give a joint concert in Istanbul. The event will take place in the "Cemal Resit Rey" concert hall, directed by Hande Kuden and Tigran Arutunyan. The orchestra will perform works by Armenian and Turkish composers. The same concert will also be hosted by Yerevan.

Politics in South Caucasus is a poker game

Politics in South Caucasus is a poker game

The portal Vestnik Kavkaza was presented at the Media Forum in Minsk . After the presentation the editor-in-chief of Vestnik Kavkaza, Alexei Vlasov, gave an interview to journalists.