Cavusoglu explained essence of Turkey's and Armenia's policy

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Cavusoglu explained essence of Turkey's and Armenia's policy

The Russian-Turkish summit held this week disappointed Yerevan. Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Shavarsh Kocharyan was skeptical about the fact that now there are less tentions in relations between Moscow and Ankara: "At this stage, their interests will expanded. It wouldn't be the first time. We remember how after previous honeymoon Russian President Vladimir Putin even stated that "Turks stabbed Russian the back. So this process is of sinusoidal nature."

Obviously, Yerevan doesn't like Moscow's rapprochement with Ankara, because it wasn't able to normalize its relations with Turkey. A great example of these contradictions is discussion between head of the Armenian parliamentary delegation Koryun Nahapetyan and Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu in November of 2016 at the plenary session of the 62nd NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Istanbul.

Nahapetyan started from the bet: "Everyone knows that Turkey supports the Daesh (banned in Russia), only pretends to fight terrorism, Turkey unilaterally closed its border with Armenia. Turkey supports Azerbaijan in the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh. Provocative actions of Turkey during the time of the conflict between Azerbaijanov and Armenia (April 1-5) prove it. Right now Turkish soldiers are in two different countries and it's hasn't been agreed on with any country. "My question is how does Turkey want to build relations with its neighbors after that?"

Cavusoglu started pretty diplomatically: "Thank you very much for your question: Relations with Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia are wonderful, and we managed to overcome problems in relations with Russia. But even when there were good relations, we had different views on the Syrian isse, on the Ukrainian issue, and Crimea. Right now Syria is now an uncontrolled country, there's no one to negotiate with, regime killed 600,000 people and this isn't associated with us either.

Then Turkish Minister spoke about justice: "You're from Armenia, and I'm a Turk. We must be honest. If you're a politician, you must be honest. Unfortunately, Armenian colleagues aren't honest. You accuse us of supporting the Daesh, but our country killed more terrorists than Turkey. At least 700 terrorist groups were destroyed in Baska/Igil hates us, look at the websites, Erdogan and his team are on the front pages among enemies of the Daesh, and we fight against it like because we fight against it like any other terror.

Cavusoglu then went on to say: "When we listen to what you're saying, it seems like you're an angel of peace on earth in all the organizations you participate in - the OSCE, the PACE, and so on - there are records that show that you occupied 20% of Azerbaijani territories. Did I occupy them? You're invaders, why are you silent? We proposed to liberate Karabakh, then we will open borders with you. Why do you still occupy it? Azerbaijan is our brotherly state. We're one nation and two states, their problems are our problems. You talk about false genocide everywhere. When we came to power, Erdogan sent a letter to your president, he invited you to participate in discussion, gather scientists, open archives. Let's create a joint commission. If ours and your scientists are not enough, let's invite Russian scientists. Let them open their archives too. We promised to accept everything regardless of the result. And you didn't accept this proposal. Why? Because you prefer this lie. You don't allow to carry out scientific research, so you're lying. Genocide is a legal concept. We said that we're ready to accept any decision of this commission. Are you ready to do the same? No! Because you know that there was no genocide. Let's be honest. I reject all your previous accusations. These accusations are a typical indicator of dishonest behavior. There are Armenians among the PKK terrorists, whom we killed and captured. Thank you for attention."