Nzhdeh, Khzmalyan and the abyss
Nzhdeh, Khzmalyan and the abyss

Last week the State Duma of the Russian Federation held a roundtable discussion "Legislative Aspects of Combating Heroization of Fascism and Revival of Neo-Nazism." During this event, participants discussed the progress in gathering signatures in support of fight against glorification of fascism. It was noted that there are already 200,000 signatures. Participant of the event Sergey Markov stressed that many people are also in favor of dismantling the monument of Garegin Nzhdeh in Yerevan. As writes in an article "Nzhdeh, Khzmalyan and the abyss", Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian addressed this fact several days ago.

He said: "It's a speculation of some of our opponents, and it's clear why they do it. It's done deliberately, and there's no need to fall into this trap. Armenia made statements at various levels regarding this topic, and there's no need to add anything." But, as we see, there are those who fall into this trap. There are also those who want to add much more to what was already said. One of them is Tigran Khzmalyan.

There's no doubt that personality and ideas of Nzhdeh have no value for Khzmalyan, since he's a "pro-Western liberal". Khzmalyan's views are too far from Armenia. But since there's a great opportunity to attack Russians, pro-Western director immediately became a great patriot and defender of Nzhdeh. He said: "If some Chekists tries to blow it up at night or paint it with something, we'll attack Russian embassy and military base. Mostly pro-Russian Armenians and Moscow Azeris signed this petition. Nzhdeh threw your ancestors into the abyss from Khustup, and as Russians like to say, we can do it all again."

There's already a script, Khzmalyan is ready to do it. So far nothing happened, but he predicts that something will happen to this monument. In other words, he wants something to happen. And it's not necessary to look for non-existent culprits of non-existent acts, since there's no doubt that Chekists did it. At least that's what Khzmalyan says. And then people will go to Russian embassy, will start throwing everyone into the abyss, and Tigran Khzmalyan will film this and create an excellent action movie.