WEB Space: "I wanted the best, but ended up with the same as always. And even worse "

Novoye Vremya, Armenia
WEB Space: "I wanted the best, but ended up with the same as always. And even worse "

As social networks users write, for a year and a half, Minister of Health Levon Altunyan has managed ‘’not just to mess things up, but also poison against himself those, who associated with him, though timid, but nevertheless, hopes for improving the sphere." The last straw was the so-called drug reform ...

As the Armenian newspaper Novoye Vremya writes in the article WEB Space: ‘’I wanted the best, but ended up with the same as always. And even worse’’, very soon, on Thursday, it will be impossible to buy even such analgesics as analgin, ibuprofen, No-spa, ketonal without prescription. The broad-spectrum ointments - diclac, diclofenac, voltaren, lamil, plus solutions for injections - novocaine, lidocaine, glucose solution, Viagra, biseptol, bronchodilator eufilin, folic acid, vitamins are also banned. In total, there are more than 3,470 items on the list of drugs banned for free sale. Ministry of Health officials point out to the civilized West swaggeringly: they say they are doing the same. The department preferred not to mention, that you need to pay money to visit the doctor in our country. As well as the analyses, which will cost about a half of salary. So, if you need ibuprofen, you will be shaken down: first, you will have to pay for the doctor's appointment, then for labs, and only afterward you will be able to get to the drug-store.

Deputy Minister of Health Sergey Khachatryan argues pretty seriously that such a method "will allow us to prescribe the right treatment and not to remove the symptoms of a disease without eliminating the root cause" ... "I wonder if Khachatryan himself and his immediate boss tried to be treated correctly for an average salary? Was he standing with his symptoms in the queue at the regional polyclinic? Or does he go only to a paid medical center that belongs to his chiefs? "- the indignant people are interested. "In the West, in general, there are many things, which we, alas, have yet to dream about,” people write. "For example, the average salary of Europeans and Americans is several times higher than ours, and medicine really heals, but does not kill patients, the healthcare system works clearly." ... "What and who is behind the scenes of such unpopular decisions of the Ministry of Health," potential patients ask. ‘’Should the minister somehow justify his incompetence and compensate for the low salaries of doctors? So why does he do it at our expense?’ .. Or maybe they need new corruption risks? So they will certainly get them with such a system. Just wait.’’

The users write openly that they ‘’have not had such a problematic health minister yet" ... The fact that "the minister does not see beyond his own pocket" that "all his actions do not fit any logical framework, full of cynicism and disregard to people". "Altunyan with all his tricks casts a shadow on the professionals, who are sparing no effort and energy trying to do something to help our citizens maintain their health. He has managed to trample an already not perfect relationship between a doctor and a patient, shake confidence in the system as a whole, "retired G.Vaian says. ” I'm a schoolteacher, I have headaches after every evening check of notebooks ... And shell I run for a recipe every time now? What is my diagnosis, Mr. Altunyan? Students or parental meetings? Or my salary? Are you mocking me? " Mary S. refers to the official.

... If you observe the dynamics of opinions in the same FB, where the social topics are discussed almost every day, the criticism of Altunyan sounds harsh and ruthless. Nobody trusts and sympathizes the minister, even despite the "patronage" of the very Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. The users immediately recalled: "After all, it was he who brought Altunyan to power”. And, by the way, later he had justified before the public for the Minister's blunders about the death rate of parturients and infants. What else is being prepared for us by the ‘great combinator, it makes no sense to guess. With a cunning squint and a disdainful grin, the minister takes out another incomprehensible thing from the cylinder and tries to convince the population that the situation will improve. "Maybe he really wants the best, but ends up with the same as always. And even worse ", users write, and add, just in case. "Maybe, it is enough of experiments already, Mr. Minister?"