Black Tuesday in Europe: tough war of professionals is going on

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Black Tuesday in Europe: tough war of professionals is going on

The US Secretary of the State, John Kerry, will inform the EU authorities on his talks with Russian on Syria, which will be held tomorrow. He will arrive in Brussels in a few days. This Tuesday more than 30 people were killed and about 250 people were injured by terrorist attacks in Brussels. The highest level of security threat is announced in Belgium.

Alexei Kondratiev, member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, urges to understand what terrorism as a phenomenon is: “People involved in professional terrorist operations do not prepare them for holidays, for Mondays, or for any date, they choose the most convenient time for the operation. We can enhance vigilance, to enter various modes, but they strike when an error is committed, when the level of threat will be charged, attention will be reduced.”

According to Kondratiev, the security services of all countries involved professionally in the fight against terrorism usually exchange operational information on the basis of contracts: “The Belgian side, in previous times the French side, received information about possible terrorist attacks. And our security services stated this openly. The main weapon in the fight against terrorism is the operational activities of the security services and the attention of people to some extent. We have seen nothing new in these attacks. This is a regular activity: carrying or transportation of luggage in carts, which are subject to inspection and so on. In this case this is the airport’s security service’s mistake, and of the Belgian secret service operatives, who knowing in advance that such a situation may occur.”

Kondratiev reminds that the more professional the security services are, the more professionally they carry out their duties, the less the likelihood is of a terrorist operation: “Those who are professionally engaged in terrorism are very qualified. Their activity can be compared with the activities of the security services. That is, there is a constant struggle for who wins. It is a very brutal war, a very professional war, and we should not consider terrorism to be an activity of profanes, occasionally conducting operations.”

Speaking about organization of the terrorist activity, Kondratiev says: “All the information about the target of the attack is collected. People are prepared for this operation, including suicide bombers who are willing to die for their ideas. Every detail is taken into account. The purpose of terrorism is intimidation with political demands. In this situation, we are faced once again with the most brutal face of beasts.”