Business to be more informed

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Business to be more informed

Small and medium-sized enterprises began to emerge from the shadows when the unified social tax on wages (made up of the contributions to the Pension Fund, medical and social insurance) was lowered to 14%. Experts have found that it is possible to pay it without hiding. At the same time, small and medium-sized businesses continue to be pressured by excessive control and supervision. This year, the number of unplanned inspections of the most frequent types are planned to be reduced by 30%. Scheduled inspections thus fell under the moratorium, and many of them have been undone in relation to small businesses over the years. Another problem for entrepreneurs is the huge amount of legislative changes, the ever-changing regulations and rules of the game, which business cannot keep up with. The service ‘Navigator of Success’ is designed to help entrepreneurs to promptly obtain comprehensive information on the legal framework.

As the Chairwoman of the committee on the development of private enterprise, small and medium-sized businesses of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, Elena Dybova said, started on December 25th. To use the service you need to register, and with the frequency of somewhere around twice a week you will receive the latest very clearly assembled information on what is happening. "the experts have already worked out and written everything. We'll rrecommend you to do this, go to the website of state services, here are pros, here are cons, you will get this, you won't get this. Reminders that we need to submit some taxes in time are being sentReminders that we need to submit some taxes in time are being sent, "Dybova said about the work of the service.

She noted with regret that the accountability now only increases: "Two years ago, we submitted accounts to the Pension Fund once a year, and then we did it on a quarterly basis, this year, starting from April 1st, we will submit accounts to the Pension Fund on a monthly basis. Of course, for an entrepreneur, and it does not matter in which taxation system, you still pay fees from your salary, or the salaries of your employees, to keep this in mind every month, that come on – come on, pay, pay, pay – it is always difficult. So this reminder that shows it to you is also a great help and a friend's shoulder. "