Business-to-people: 'Gunay' presented the Moscow region with a kindergarden

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Oleg Khromov

The youngest residents of the Moscow region received a gift from the construction company ‘Gunay’, headed by Alizaman Rahimov. Before the beginning of the new academic year a kindergarten was opened after reconstruction in the village of Volodarsky in the Leninsky municipal district of the Moscow region. The work in the kindergarten and on its territory were led by the construction company ‘Gunay’, one of the largest construction companies in Moscow. The company ‘Gunay’, realizing several socially-oriented investment contracts for the integrated development of the territories and included on the list of the most trusted companies, is headed by the Honored Builder of Russia, Alizaman Rahimov.

Rahimov was born in Azerbaijan but has been living and working in Russia. He had been working as a laborer, foreman and craftsman until 1992, when he started his own business by creating a construction company, named after his eldest daughter. He was awarded the highest international order ‘Golden Star’, the Order of Peter the Great of the 1st degree, the Order of the World Academy of Sciences of Integrated Security ‘For Russian service of the 1st degree", the medal of the organization ‘Combat Brotherhood’ ‘For active Citizenship and Patriotism’ for his services and personal contribution to the development and strengthening of the Russian state.

The head of the Leninsky municipal district, Oleg Khromov, in an interview to Vestnik Kavkaza paid special tribute to the builders: "The project of the reconstruction of the kindergarten was carried out by the production and commercial company ‘Gunay’. The kindergarden received an additional 80 new places, a new comfortable building that meets all the modern requirements.. The building required substantial upgrading, and its transformation today is impressive. Our builders, in good faith, due to the sponsorship were able to implement the project and also presented the municipality with great walking areas.’’

According to Khromov, other social facilities are being built by the company on the territory of the settlement. ‘’A new kindergarden for 230 places is being built nearby, the commissioning of it is scheduled for the end of this year; a new educational school – the housing of the Volodarskaya secondary education school with 600 places. The commissioning of this school is also expected at the end of the year. It will help to eliminate the second shift system. This is a big breakthrough for the village, which determines the comfort of living for our children. The company ‘Gunay’ is building a local hospital on the territory of the region, a necessary social object for the two social communities."

Oleg Khromov said that there are plenty of activities in the region, including those associated with the popularization of various diasporas – Azerbaijani, Armenian, Tatar, "We hold them in the framework of the Days of our Communities and in the framework of the Day of the Leninsky District, which will be celebrated on September 10th. I was lucky enough to visit Baku as a tourist recently. We have much to learn. And they learn from us. This is a kind of exchange. I have repeatedly met with the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to exchange experiences, including the implementation of new projects in the social and cultural spheres.’’

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