Celebration in honour of Moscow graduates according to Caucasian traditions

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Celebration in honour of Moscow graduates according to Caucasian traditions

A celebration in honour of graduates according to Caucasian traditions took place on the 13th of June in Moscow at the Concert Hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The event was held in the capital for the 12th time. Besides the main heroes of the occasion, the Youth Foundation Elbrusoid gathered graduates of Moscow universities, as well as figures of science, art, culture, politicians, NGO leaders and guests. Over 1,200 people attended the event.

Aly Totorkulov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus and president of Elbrusoid spoke about the event. “In June 2003 we gathered our graduates of Moscow universities, and since then it has become a tradition. Each year we organize an evening of graduates, an evening of freshmen, and other activities. This tradition has already crossed its ethnic foundation, as there are many different nationalities, most of them are from the Caucasus. In principle, we invite and have friendly relations with everyone who lives in our country. The main goal of this event is promoting education,” Totorkilov said.

The president of the 'Elbrusoid' foundation congratulated the graduates on the end of their higher education: “I wish you to find your place in life so that we could be proud of you, could look at your success in life, and your great career. Travel around the world, as it seems very small in this century of globalization. You can fly to any place on the earth in 24 hours. But I have a request: when you are abroad, no matter where you are, please do not forget your roots. Do not forget both your small, and large native lands. And act so that we could be proud of you.”

During the year, Elbrusoid has been searching for young talents who can show their worth and perform on one stage with well-known musicians.