Diplomats wish Zurab Tsereteli happy anniversary

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Diplomats wish Zurab Tsereteli happy anniversary

The Adam Apple Exhibition Complex hosted a meeting of ambassadors accredited to Russia. Diplomats had a nice reason for gathering: Zurab Tsereteli marked his 85th birthday earlier this year. He is a changeless chairman of the Russian Academy of Art, whose works are well-known all over the world.

The event was initiated by Polad Bulbuloglu, the dean of the Moscow diplomatic corps, the Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia. The initiative was backed up by the Russian Foreign Ministry State Protocol Department. In informal setting, diplomats discussed current foreign political issues. Representatives of 80 countries participated in the meeting.

“It’s necessary to hold more such events for the diplomatic corps. Moreover, the diplomatic corps itself should intensify its activity. We shouldn’t sit at embassies only. We should explore Russia more,” Li Hui, the Chinese ambassador to Russia, told Vestnik Kavkaza.

Moscow is one of global cultural and art centers. But diplomats are ready to discover new horizons. “I suggested the Azerbaijani ambassador to Moscow a visit to Baku by the diplomatic corps. He believes it’s a good idea. I would like to see Azerbaijan’s dynamic development,” Li Hui said.

At the same time, Polad Bulbuloglu expressed gratitude to his colleagues and the artist: “Zurab Tsereteli unites countries and nations by his art for all his life. He gathered us, ambassadors of various countries, today in Moscow to hear birthday wishes and let us discuss topical issues.”

Eleanora Mitrophanova, the head of Rossotrudnichestvo, called Tsereteli “the peace and happiness envoy”: “You know that a happiness index is studied in our country these days. To stay in one room with the man means energy boost, positive attitude to life for people. The man always brings joy and sunshine to others.”

The head of the agency awarded the President of the Russian Academy of Art with a medal for his contribution to international cooperation.

Tatyana Anodina, the chairwoman of the Intergovernmental Airline Committee, Mikhail Shvydkoi, the Special Presidential Envoy for International Cultural Cooperation of Russia, and other guests wished Tsereteli happy birthday.

Students of Ippolitov-Ivanov Musical Institute pleased the hero of the day with a musical present.