Fingerprinting as alternative to outdated visa regime system

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Fingerprinting as alternative to outdated visa regime system

The emergency regime which was launched by French President Francois Hollande right after terrorist attacks in Paris would probably continue for a few months. However, experts are not sure that uncontrollable immigration and illegal migration into the country, including entrance of radicals, would be stopped. Some analysts predict that the civilized world will have to live in the regime of isolation from migrants.

Meanwhile, in Russia the migration policy began to gain a systemic nature. And one of measures which is aimed at prevention of appearance of foreign criminals in the country is fingerprinting.

Yuri Moskovsky, Executive Secretary of the Public Advisory Council under the Federal Migration Service, Project Director of the Development Fund of International Relations 'Neighbourliness', says that millions of foreign citizens constantly reside in Russia. In Moscow, according to the Federal Migration Service of Russia on Moscow for November 1st.118 million foreign citizens are permanently, simultaneously registered. 2.756 million foreign citizens have been put on the migration register during this period, in 10 months.

“People arrive and leave. People are very different, from many different countries. Most of them are law-abiding citizens, normal, good. We will not say that foreign criminality has swamped the capital. This is certainly not the case. But even the fact that, once again, according to official data, about 5-6% of crimes committed in Moscow are committed by foreign citizens, it's a fact. And there are grave crimes, and especially grave crimes. There are violations of the residence regime. And that is why, in my opinion, the dactyloscopy of foreign citizens on their arrival in the Russian Federation is necessary,” Yuri Moskovsky thinks.

He reminds that dactyloscopy is a mandatory procedure in the USA. “We do not have a visa regime with many countries. And I hope it will not be introduced. A visa regime is an outdated system. But there are plenty of modern methods of monitoring that allow relatively efficiently to monitor people entering our country without the introduction of a visa regime. One of the elements of this control is dactyloscopy,” the expert says.

The dactylographic system has been developed for several years in Russia, including during the issuance of patents. “In Moscow dactyloscopy of about million and a half foreigners was carried out this year. In other words, methodologies were practiced, schemes were practiced, specific databases were established. Another thing is that there is a question of the compatibility of these databases with other databases. Plus, there's always some kind of mistake. Even if the percentage of errors is very small, there are still people that should be dealt with,” Yuri Moskovsky states.

According to him, the scale of migratory flows to our country is enormous. “We are in second place in the world in terms of migration. And I think that mandatory dactyloscopy is necessary for Russian citizens as well. Because considering the modern methods of work with documents, it is easy to fake our signatures. One of the methods of identification of citizens is fingerprinting. And we need to start dactyloscopy of foreign citizens upon entry to the Russian Federation to monitor them. And, by the way, this is in their interests, because many of them fall into very different life situations on the territory of the Russian Federation.”