It is necessary to cling on to peace in Syria in every possible way, senator says

By Vestnik Kavkaza
It is necessary to cling on to peace in Syria in every possible way, senator says

On February 27th, according to agreements between Moscow and Washington and the co-chairs of the International Support Group for Syria, the aviation of the Russian Air and Space Forces completely stopped bombing the ‘green zone’, i.e. the territories and armed groups which requested a ceasefire. 17 armed groups which addressed the Khmeimim airbase and signed application forms also agreed to follow the ceasefire regime. These are troops of the Syrian Democratic Army under the command of Al-Ganim, groups of Iskanderon, Sureim and Chelobia, armed units of the ‘Falcons of the Desert.’ Some of them are acting together with the regular Syrian army, others are acting independently.

The Defense Ministry of Russia reported that Russia handed a map to the American side, where regions of the ceasefire regime are marked – Syrian governmental troops and Kurdish territories; there are also regions occupied by terrorists of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed groups. The US representatives received a list of armed groups (6111 people altogether) who have joined the ceasefire regime, as well as a list of 74 residential areas which wouldn’t be bombed. The Russian side received a similar map from the US. However, the anti-terrorist struggle will continue.

Alexei Kondratiev, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, thinks that the achievement of the progress in the open armed conflict is the greatest achievement. “We have to work in this direction, so that the starting point will become consistent work on the completion of this process. Yes, we are ready to work with all the interested parties to participate in solving this problem, to help in the elimination of terrorists. But the Syrian people will choose their government, and nobody has the right, in accordance with international law, to interfere from the outside in this process. Whether it will be Assad or not, it's up to the Syrian people. What the coalition government will be and who will represent it, the Syrian people will decide. It cannot be that former militants who have not changed their views or radicalism can participate in the work of the government or parliament,” the senator said.

He urged to resist the ideas of extremism, stating about the necessity to support the fragile peace in Syria and reject any conflict. “We have already illustrated this for our colleagues in the West and the East, including Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East and North Africa, that it's a smooth transition to peace, not war. And it is necessary to cling on to it in every possible way.”