Kuwait launches flights to a 3rd Uzbekistan city

Kuwait launches flights to a 3rd Uzbekistan city

The Kuwait-based low-cost carrier anticipates this route will be highly profitable, enabling Kuwait and Uzbek travelers to have a faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective travel option.

New route

The new route will be operated twice weekly, with one flight departing KWI every Wednesday. Once at SKD, the plane will be turned and return to KWI. The same operation will be repeated on Sundays. Jazeera Airways executives anticipate that the route will be popular with Uzbek travelers, giving Samarkand residents a more affordable and convenient option for traveling to the Middle East, Simple Flying writes.

It anticipates that some will visit Kuwait while others will use the flight service as a convenient means to connect to other destinations. The airline believes that Kuwait travelers will be highly interested in visiting the historic city of Samarkand. In the statement, the airline cited that the city's ancient history and prominence on the Silk Road will likely draw business to the route. It also believes that the locations' presence on the UNESCO World Heritage List will further promote tourism to the region, subsequently promoting the airline's flight operations to the city.

The CEO of Jazeera Airways, Rohit Ramachandran, shared the airlines' enthusiasm for the new route and expanding influence in the region's air transit market, stating:

"We have been steadily developing our presence in Central Asia and Uzbekistan has been a particular success for us with continuing growth opportunities. We are pleased to be adding Samarkand to our network in the region. To date Samarkand has limited direct international flight connections and we are hoping that our direct flights from Kuwait will make the city more accessible for both inbound and outbound passengers."

Expanding influence

Jazeera Airways has operated flights between Uzbekistan and Kuwait for the past two years. The first of these flights occurred on June 27th. The airline launched a second route between Kuwait and Uzbekistan last year. With these two routes, the airline has managed to take control over a significant portion of the air travel market in the region.

With its latest route addition, Jazeera plans to gain additional control over the region's air transit market. The new addition to its route network is a part of the airline's post-pandemic recovery plan. So far, this plan has been going well for the airline as it has used the strong air travel demand to fuel its operations. Earlier this month, it reported record profits. With everything looking up for the airline, it will likely continue to grow and expand its influence across the Middle East and Central Asia.