Laman Seyidova takes part in Moscow Meets Friends International Festival

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Laman Seyidova takes part in Moscow Meets Friends International Festival

Baku native Laman Seyidova took part in the 16th Moscow Meets Friends International Festival. This is the largest project of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation, which annually brings together young talented musicians, artists, dance groups and young circus artists from all over the world. Each time the geography of the project expands. A record number of applications were submitted for the 16th festival - more than a thousand from all regions of Russia, near and far abroad. Young talents performed at the city's best venues from November 25 to December 3.

"If you support, help young talents, which the Spivakov Foundation does for our youngest friends, then, of course, these children blossom into big stars ... Laman is a very touching and talented girl who is not just good at playing, but she also puts something special in her art - it's what we call a soul," consultant to the Vladimir Spivakov Foundation Evgenia Ignatova said.

Laman Seyidova is a regular participant in international competitions and festivals. This miniature girl is 11 years old, but work not characteristic of children’s age is under her belt. She practices for 5-6 hours a day. Teacher Kamila Amirova helps her to fulfill the dream of becoming a famous pianist. "I love her very much. She has been teaching me for a long time. We have been to many competitions together. She often consults with me on works. She also loves me very much," Laman Seyidova said.

The young pianist from Baku performed works of Mendelssohn and Schumann at the Pushkin Museum.

Laman's parents arrived in Moscow to support her. "I'm usually so nervous before a competition, worry about whether everything would be okay. I support my daughter, because if she feels my anxiety, if I motivate her in the wrong way, then this is fraught with consequences," the pianist’s mother Kama Seyidova said.

Answering the question whether it is easy to raise a talented child, Kama Seyidova said: "It’s actually difficult, but easy at the same time. I’m proud of her, definitely. Laman has to work hard: a comprehensive school, a music school with lessons in piano, solfeggio and ensemble. Everywhere you need to be in time. In addition, she has to practice for 4-6 hours a day. She has almost no time for rest. We had almost no summer. We have to somehow compensate for her leisure time at home."