Migration destroys family values

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Migration destroys family values

Revaluation of family values has become one of the main problems of Western civilization. It seemed like this topic affected traditional societies to a much lesser degree. However, it turns out that this is not really true. One of the most topical problems for Central Asia is formation and development of the family. Today, young people are raised without proper influence of parents and older generation.

"For almost 25 years a significant part of young people in the Central Asia are raised without parents," historian, lecturer at the Institute of Economics and Social Relations, host of the National Question program of Vesti FM Marat Safarov. "Parents working abroad, and this is a very serious issue. Older generation, grandparents basically replaced parents. There are positive stereotypes about family values, about strength of the family, that eastern families teach about honor and respect for older generation. Unfortunately, there are very few examples like that. When it comes to many countries, this problem is extremely relevant."

"Not everyone has an opportunity to learn from social experience that was formed by older generation. This gap is obvious. This is not a problem that just appeared in recent years. There's a generation of people who were raised basically without their parents. This is very important not only for countries whose people actively migrate, but also for those those countries that receive those migrants. This problem is often ignored," Safarov said.

This forum was held in Moscow in the Higher School of Economics and was organized by the "North-South" political center with the support of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS member states. It was attended by delegations of the CIS member states and Georgia, which included young representatives of scientific and expert communities, state bodies, public and non-governmental organizations, as well as mass media.

The purpose of this forum is to popularize traditional values as one of the foundations of unity of peoples of Eurasian countries, maintenance and development of cultural ties between youth of Eurasian countries, as well as the creation of a permanent format for communication between young representatives of public, scientific and creative circles of Eurasian countries.