Rainbow Hills Turkey's Igdir

Anadolu Agency
Rainbow Hills Turkey's Igdir

'Must-see' rolling summits of countless colors offer photographers and hikers unique beauty all-year round. Anadolu Agency reports in its article Rainbow Hills draw visitors to Turkey's Igdir that rings of hues from radiant gold and crimson to lush green wrap around the hillsides surrounding Igdir in eastern Turkey captivating onlookers.

Under the shadow of Mount Agri, the Rainbow Hills (Gokkusagi Tepeleri) attract hikers, photographers and nature aficionados from across Turkey and the world. Owing its vibrant landscape to its altitude and unique microclimate, the hill range has lately caught many eyes on social media.

Nature photographer Betul Oner was among those drawn to the region after catching a glimpse on social media. Describing it as a "must-see" spot, Oner told Anadolu Agency that the region was beautiful in each season. "Many people probably have no idea about this place. We took lovely photos on the magical hills with their red summits and vista," she said.

Ilteris Kagan Taskinsu, an athlete, said visitors coming from different parts of Turkey immensely enjoyed their hikes and photo-safaris on the hills where they saw nature and a "jamboree of color".

"Our friends came to this place after seeing it on the news and on social media," Taskinsu told Anadolu Agency, adding that there were efforts to promote the region for tourism.