Reasons for Ukrainian Neo-Nazism

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Reasons for Ukrainian Neo-Nazism

On October 25th local elections were held in Ukraine. Their organization was assessed highly by the United States and the OSCE observers, however, the DNR elections were called a ‘farce and degradation.’  A former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Nikolay Azarov, has the same opinion. Among other arguments supporting this conclusion, Azarov named the following: "The elections confirmed the split of Ukraine in South-Eastern, Central and Western Ukraine, where political preferences are quite obvious, despite the wildly strong zombopropaganda. The South-East does not accept the Kiev regime. Western Ukraine maintains its preference for the radical nationalist forces and Central Ukraine, as always, prefers a moderately nationalist rhetoric. An ugly feudalization is coming instead of a civilized federalization.’’

As explained the Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian and Belarusian Studies at the M.V. Lomonosov MSU, Bogdan Bezpalko, the problem of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism lies in the history of Ukraine: "The fact is that the people who lived on those territories, which are now part of the Ukrainian state and then were part of the USSR, have been influenced by the Ukrainian national socialist project for a long time. That means, these people have been inoculated with a Ukrainian identity, which they did not have previously. Previously they had any all-Russian identity, or the identity of the Little Russian. Even in a census from the  tsarist times, we see that this term is used. In this situation, these people in 1991 were in conditions when the communist ideology, before fastening all the socialist republic, the ideology of the fraternal peoples was destroyed. And, accordingly, they needed an ideology that could be an alternative. The only alternative was the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism in the form in which it was formulated in the 20s-30s of the 20th century, and in the form in which it was brought to life in the 30s-40s. We all know these examples, there is the murder of the diplomat Maylov, the Volyn Massacre, there is the fight against the parisans, and collaboration. It all turned out to be the only alternative possible, efficient, that has been developed and integrally formed as an ideology of Ukrainian society and it has been presented by the people who were managing the people, the first among them was the L.M. Kravchuk, head of the Communist Party of Ukraine on ideology. Here, he quickly dropped one ideology, and a second one has been adopted. "

According to Bezpalko, "no other alternative, no effort was made to create an alternative, neither was any offered by the RF, which in the 90s was in a difficult condition, nor with any other party, it is natural that this ideology in Ukraine has started to penetrate the masses of the citizens. Moreover, it was encouraged by a number of foreign players. Already, in 2013-2014, we saw what it led to, and we saw, even heard, rather frank statements about how much money was spent to ensure that this ideology is inculcated in the masses. As Victoria Nuland said, it was about $5 billion."

However, according to Bezpalko, not all of the population of Ukraine turned handled this Ukrainian national project: "not all the Ukrainian  population was redesigned by this Ukrainian national project. Not all the population of Ukraine has changed its identity to Ukrainian, Socialist, or afterwards to the form of the Ukrainian nationalism. And this gave rise to a cognitive dissonance in the Ukrainian state between citizens, between regions, between politicians, which eventually led to the fact that the only possible way to solve this issue according, shall we say, to some players, was to turn all of Ukraine into a nationalist enclave, a version of the Civil War and a coup. This is the main result of the fact that this ideology was encouraged to be spread and violently introduced to the minds of citizens who live in the east of Ukraine. If these people cannot be reforged ideologically, it is necessary to intimidate them, force, destroy. We've all heard these statements very many times that these people should be enclosed by ` barbed wire, or they need to be put into one big concentration camp. "

Bezpalko comes to the conclusion that there is a Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine now: "It is, of course, not the classic form of a Nazi regime, because it is very difficult to describe it in terms of science as an ideology. Why is that? Because it is a combination, there are elements of Nazism, classical, with different theories, which, by the way, are promoted in the history books now, and with the elements, respectively, of civic fascism, when a person who has citizenship and is absolutely loyal to the Ukrainian authorities, his ethnic origin does not matter, most importantly, he is faithful to certain values that he recognizes as belonging to this group.’’

Among the leading Ukrainian nationalists Bezpalko named the ethnic Pashtun Mustafa Nayem, and the Georgian Vakhtang Kipiani , who now leads the site ‘Historical truth’ to counters ‘Russian aggression in science and history.’ 'This is a misanthropic regime, the practice is really very similar to the practices of those nationalists who were killing people in the 30s and 40s, and to the German authorities that ideologically, financially and militarily supported them. And of course, Ukraine will get rid of them, sooner or later it will happen, " the expert hopes.