Russia has vast experience of hosting refugees

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Russia has vast experience of hosting refugees

Labor migrants who come to Russia within the visa-free regime may be obliged to present certificates on absence of mental diseases. The measure was caused by the murder of a child in Moscow, which was committed by a nanny from Uzbekistan, Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, who was thought to be insane. The Samarkand Regional Psychoneurologic Dispensary confirmed that Bobokulova was registered in the hospital. The draft was presented to the State Duma by the head of the Committee for Ethnic Groups Affairs, Gadzhimet Safaraliyev. It enlarges the list of necessary documents for issuing a patent to foreigners – documents which confirm that a migrant has no mental illnesses or “behavioral disorders which may lead to socially dangerous deeds.”

However, despite problems with individual migrants, in general the situation in the migration sphere in Russia is much better than in Europe.

“Migration has accompanied the development of mankind throughout the entire period of its existence,” Davron Muhamadiev, head of the regional office of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in the Russian Federation, says. “The concept of the migration policy adopted by the Russian Federation a few years ago clearly reflects the issues related to the need for the social adaptation and integration of migrants. Russia has vast experience of hosting refugees and IDPs. Just look at least at the situation after the collapse of the USSR, when around 5-6 million people simultaneously streamed into the Russian Federation. And the Russian Federation demonstrated a good experience. I'm not talking about the current instances where more than a million citizens of the south-east of Ukraine have claimed refugee status and the welcoming attitude of the Russian Federation.”

From the point of view of the Red Cross, they would not speak about threats associated with the migration process. “Virtually all the countries of the world recognize that migration is economically beneficial to the local population. The other question is that the mechanisms of hosting migrants should be developed. Any category of migrants wants clear, concise, comprehensible laws according to which they will live. The role of the Red Cross is to accept migrants with dignity, with respect; and there is our urge to migrants – when you arrive in a country, respect the traditions of the local population. And this cultural diversity, the diversity of different cultures, is the most important treasure that we must promote,” Davron Muhamadiev thinks.