Save your Macintosh George!

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Save your Macintosh George!

If you are a Mac user and connected to the internet, the article The 1 Mistake Almost Every Mac User Makes Daily... by Security Savers may be the most important article you'll read. Your Mac is like a personal storage facility for your most important data. You trust your Mac with everything, whether it’s financially sensitive information or the passwords to your online activity. Despite the value of information on their Macs, there is one mistake that the average Mac user is making on a daily basis…

Many Mac owners believe they don’t need to protect their Mac because it is already 100% safe, but unfortunately this is just a myth. Millions of Mac users don’t use additional security for their device making it easy for people to gain access to their Mac computers and all of the sensitive information on them! It’s no wonder Macs have become a prime target for cybercriminals to attack in the last few months.

It’s widely believed Macs are not able to be hacked and they can’t get viruses or adware - however this is unfortunately false. Professional security experts uncovered a 270% increase in viruses for Mac. These viruses have been found in numerous locations within victims Macs, they are so easily downloadable which makes it hard for the average user to stay safe whilst online. Popular applications and games along with email attachments and online downloads have all become probable virus holders. It’s a hard truth but Macs just aren’t as safe as people think.

The increase in Mac malware is one of the reasons why security experts are urging users to take proactive measures towards protecting their Macs. Since this rise in Mac cyberattacks we’ve seen millions of Mac users turn to a new security tool. Given it’s surge in demand we decided to take a closer look ourselves at the complete Mac Security Tool known as TotalAV.

The TotalAV Mac security tool allows users to scan for hidden viruses and malicious deceptors in a matter of seconds. Then by activating their real-time protection & secure browsing feature, you can ensure that no single threat can make its way onto your device, ultimately keeping you, and your Mac, safe. This software is revolutionizing the way Mac owners protect our their apple devices, and completely automating the process.

TotalAV have a cutting edge algorithm that can detect and remove any viruses, adware, malware and spyware that may be lying undetected within your Mac computer. It’s common that hidden threats go undetected, until they start bombarding you with advertising, start to slow down your Mac, or even steal personal information when browsing, shopping or banking online. The good thing is, it's super quick and easy to setup and you don't need to be technical to get started. The process is extremely simple and it only takes a few minutes.

Thanks to their bid to protect as many households as possible by the end of 2019, TotalAV are currently offering a free security scan to all Apple Mac owners. In other words if you have an Apple Mac Computer you automatically qualify for the free security scan. Just follow the steps below, or click here to claim your free copy now. You’ll soon see how incredible this protection is. Claiming this protection is a no-brainer. Check your Macs security for free and relax whilst being online knowing your information is safe. Even if you don’t think your Mac is at risk right now, the expiration of TotalAV’s free scan is unknown, so you might as well take advantage of it and get it whilst you can.