Stavropol knocks out 'grain wedge' with gardens, vineyards and cotton

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Stavropol knocks out 'grain wedge' with gardens, vineyards and cotton

By 2024, the Stavropol Territory will increase exports of agricultural products by 3.5 times, or $1 billion, governor of Stavropol Vladimir Vladimirov promised. According to him, the changes in the region's agro-industrial complex are caused by the objectives of the national project, in accordance with which we plan to double the volume of agricultural exports. "The Stavropol Territory should reach $1 billion 57 million from the current $300 million. However, we need to knock out the 'grain wedge' with gardens, vineyards, cotton. We had good results in knocking it out with spices. We increased the area from 4 thousand to 7 thousand hectares," Vladimirov said.

At the same time, he noted that this is a case of crops that require considerable work: "It is necessary to create employment. Based on the energy intensity of our tractor equipment, one thousand hectares of grain require six people. One hectare in a greenhouse - 15 people. One hectare in a garden - 11-13 people, in  vineyards - 19 people. After launching the Kazminsky dairy plant, we created more than 900 jobs at once, ranging from livestock engineers to those who process production products."

According to the governor, the products of the region are export-oriented: "Grain is 60% of our total export, remaining part is "poultry meat."

As for the social sphere, then, according to Vladimirov, the rate of wage growth does not correspond to the rate of price increases, gasoline: "We have reached the average level of Russian wage, but this is not enough. With regard to the social infrastructure, we started with the budget of the regional targeted investment program of 900 million rubles, and by the end of this year it will reach 13 billion. Next year - 15 billion. But we do not have time to restore the infrastructure. 90% of schools need repair, and next year we budgeted the amount of money to carry out major renovations in the Stavropol Territory's schools."

Speaking about the region’s successes, the governor noted an increase in investment: "By the end of this year, we will have the largest number of investments in the entire post-Soviet history of Stavropol. We develop greenhouse farming, winemaking and sheep farming. With regard to industrial development, the Nevinnomyyskaya and Budyonnovskaya agglomerations work well, we’ve pulled Caspian gas into Budennovsk and built a gas processing plant. We also have a project to produce fertilizers."