Taganrog pays tribute to Sambeck Heights defenders

Taganrog pays tribute to Sambeck Heights defenders

On May 9, the citizens laid flowers to the Sambek heights memorial, bloknot-taganrog.ru reported. Representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora, deputies, students, city people came to the memorial. 'Sambek heights' - a place where pitched battles raged for the liberation of Taganrog, every inch of this land was tainted with the blood of the Red Army soldiers. It is the place where Azerbaijan's 416th rifle division died. This memorial was built with funds from the Republic of Azerbaijan, and its opening was attended by Azerbaijani president Heydar Aliyev.

Not long ago, Ilham Aliyev allocated funds to repair the memorial. This is the only monument in Russia dedicated to Azerbaijani soldiers, who died in the Great Patriotic War. Today, residents of the city paid tribute to the soldiers - liberators, who fought together for peaceful world, without paying attention to eye shape and skin color. The residents of the city laid a flower garland and carnations at the Eternal Flame memorial.