Traditional annual meeting of Anglo-Azerbaijani Society takes place in London

Traditional annual meeting of Anglo-Azerbaijani Society takes place in London

The annual meeting of the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society has been organized in the Ettli Hall in the UK Parliament, where socio-political discussions took place. Hearings of various issues of great national importance regarding the internal and foreign policy of the United Kingdom also periodically take place in this hall. It should also be noted that the right to use this hall for administrative events belongs only to members of the Houses of Parliament.

The event was attended by co-chairwoman of the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society, Professor Nargiz Pashayeva, who represented Azerbaijan, as well as the chairman from the British side, a member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament Lord Herman, members of the Executive Committee of the society and the country's parliament, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in London, members of the Azerbaijani diaspora, local and foreign businessmen, members of the public, as well as journalists from various mass media.

Candidates for voting were presented at the meeting in order to determine the composition of the Presidium of the Society in the current year. Following the vote, Professor Nargiz Pashayeva from Azerbaijan was re-elected as co-chairwoman of the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society and Lord Herman was reelected as the co-chairman from the UK.

Then the composition of the Executive Committee was approved. It includes three new members, who are known and recognized as influential businessmen at the international level. Thus, representatives of the prestigious international company KCA DEUTAG Rodrigo Rendon, who has 20 years of experience in the sphere of the oil and gas industry, the director of the regional industry company ITE Group PLC Daryl MSRP (Daril Pousi), and Chief Expert of the leading international consulting company for the Caucasus and Central Asia, an experienced businessman, David Skeels (David Skeels).

Opening the annual meeting, the co-chairman of the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society from the UK Lord Herman delivered a detailed report on the activities of the Society during the last year.

Expressing deep appreciation to all who contributed to the work of the Society, Lord Herman said that all projects planned in the past year will be successfully implemented. He pointed out that in future he will make every effort to strengthen cultural and humanitarian ties, and relations in the field of education between the UK and Azerbaijan. Lord Herman informed the British, who are interested in Azerbaijan, and the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society that it was great honor for him and he was very happy to work with Professor Pashayeva as co-chair. He also noted that achievements are the main factor for the undisputed authority of the Company.

Then the floor was given to the Society's co-chairwoman from the Azerbaijani side, Professor Nargiz Pashayeva. Welcoming all the participants, Professor Pashayeva thanked all those who took an active part in the society and its activities.

Noting the varied experience acquired by the Society in recent years, Professor Pashayeva expressed satisfaction with the work of the Society in 2015. She pointed out that many projects that make us happy in the field of culture, education and charity were very well implemented in the past year.

Professor Pashayeva said: "The functioning of such a Society strengthens relations between countries and peoples, making them healthier and more sustainable. The Anglo-Azerbaijani Society was established in 1997, as you can see it's a little younger than the independent Azerbaijan. England is a great state, which has managed to preserve diversity and demonstrate all its tolerance, not in words, but in deeds. My wish as a citizen is that these ties between our peoples become stronger, our civil society could become closer and cooperate closely with the help of established understanding, and that Azerbaijan could forever maintain its independence. What is Azerbaijan? This is a very big question. We can feel happy if we managed to reflect even a small part of the correct answer to this big question. And the fact that today in the evening we can hear our native language, which is spoken by about 50 million people around the world and it is not merely symbolic. Let it be directed to the future in order to promote our cultural landscape, rich historical heritage and national capacities."

During the cultural program organized in the framework of the event, participants were presented with musical performances, consisting of national Azerbaijani music and world music performed by British citizens of Azerbaijani origin – tar player Babak Ates, kamancha player Aida Mamedova and talented pop artist Elyara Fox.

At the annual meeting the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society completed its work.