Ukraine recalls Euromaidan

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Ukraine recalls Euromaidan

These days Ukraine is recalling the events of 2014, which are characterized by Russia and Donbas as a coup d'etat.

Vitaly Zakharchenko, ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, assessing the events, examines their root causes. According to him, the interest of foreign forces in Ukraine emerged long ago: “If we look at the history, at what happened after the collapse of the USSR, at numerous public events and attempts to bring radical nationalist forces to power, we can say that it is possible to trace the dynamics in which the events occurred. We remember the so-called Orange Revolution of 2004. I believe the revolution of 2004 and the last developments are interconnected.”

The Orange Revolution started after the announcement of the preliminary results of the second round of the presidential elections on November 21st 2004. According to the results, Victor Yanukovich, the Prime Minister at that moment, won the elections with a three-percent advantage. Supporters of the main rival of Yanukovich, Victor Yushchenko, and the majority of foreign observers concluded that the advantage was reached due to falsifications at the elections. ‘Orange’ revolutionists called their action a reaction to numerous falsifications which influenced the results of the elections.

“Those technologies that were applied to the territory of Ukraine developed, improved and led to the coup in 2014. Just before the events themselves, the so-called Euromaidan, public events were held throughout Ukraine. There were a variety of reasons for meetings: the law on languages, for example. Reasons were found to organize people at public events, not only language issues, these were reasons related to ethnic problems, social problems, issues related to interfaith events. Public opinion was studied by the organizers of the coup, the geopolitical players. The geopolitical crack, where Ukraine is now, could not but affect the events that occurred,” Zakharchenko thinks.