What does the truce in Syria provide?

By Vestnik Kavkaza
What does the truce in Syria provide?

Representatives of Russia and the US are going to hold consultations on Syria in Geneva and Amman. They will discuss instances of violation of the truce in Syria, where a ceasefire has been operating since February 27th. The truce does not cover Daesh, Dzhabhat al-Nusra and other parties recognized by the UN Security Council as terrorist organizations.

According to the president of the charity fund ‘RUSSAR’, co-chairman of the committee of solidarity with the people of Libya and Syria, member of the Expert Council of the All-Russian veteran organization ‘Combat Brotherhood’ Oleg Fomin, ‘’As a result of the successful actions of our aerospace forces, as a result of the successful activity of our diplomacy, events are developing in a good, desirable direction for us and for the Syrians. Some people said that it would be possible to start this truce later, because it was started at a time when the Syrian forces were on the rise, liberating cities, settlements. But they always sought a political settlement, an end to bloodshed, for the restoration of peace. "

The other day there was a meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and the chairman of the Syrian opposition ‘Movement for a Pluralistic Society’ Randa Kassis. As suggested by Fomin, "Lavrov chose precisely a representative of the patriotic opposition, who will participate in the inter-Syrian dialogue in Geneva, a woman. Since women are the ones who suffer the most in Syria, they lose their children, they lose their husbands, and it is especially difficult to endure the hardships of war for them.’’

Anticipating developments, Fomin said that Syria is approaching the parliamentary elections:. "This is confirmation of the sovereignty of Syria, confirmation that Syria is following its constitution. The constitution can be revised, perhaps there will be new parliamentary elections, but I am sure that Syria will remain a secular state, while preserving the rights and freedoms of all ethnic and religious groups. It will help to stabilize the entire Middle East, will essentially act for the solution of the Palestinian problem, which is a cause of all the tragedies, all the bloody chaos in the region. After 5 years everyone should already have become sure that the army is loyal to the Syrian president, and people support their president. It is time for the enemies of Syria, and therefore the enemies of Russia, to stop hoping that Assad will fall. This will be decided by the Syrian people."