Putin’s visit to China

Putin’s visit to China


By Vestnik Kavkaza


In May Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to visit China. Beijing thinks that China and Russia have become the most important strategic partners; our bilateral political and practical cooperation, humanitarian exchanges, and cooperation on international issues are at a high level. But the main thing is that Putin should sign a contract on construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to China and Russian gas exports to China between the CNPC and Gazprom.


According to Vladimir Yevseyev, the director of the Center for Socio-Political Studies, “China has serious intentions for improving relations with Russia. Certain steps are made for this in the economic sphere. We can say that China wants to buy not only our natural gas, but also nuclear fuel made in Russia for Chinese NPPs. It seems it means extension of military technical cooperation, probably even establishing joint enterprises. We are stepping into a new level of relations.”


Yevseyev thinks that “during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Shanghai, which takes place on May 20th, military and political rapprochement issues will be discussed. Probably major contracts will be signed. A large group of representatives of the executive bodies and various commercial companies will arrive together with Vladimir Putin. It will be a serious visit. The arrangement organized in Shanghai will give Russia an additional opportunity to explain its position on Ukraine and the establishment of a regional security system.”


At the same time, the expert is sure that “the rapprochement is not necessarily anti-American, but it is reasoned by Washington’s anti-Russian policy. In this context Russia and China have to unite their forces to restrain the USA in areas of their exclusive national interests.”


Speaking about the areas, Yevseyev recalled similar interests in Central Asia: “Only due to Russian efforts was the civil war in Kyrgyzstan stopped. And China is very interested in this, as Uighur separatist training camps are situated on Kyrgyz territory. Russia helps China in building relations with Iran. I believe that Russian-Chinese cooperation will continue in Syria. I mean we have a lot of common spheres. Russia could help China in building such a regional security system in Eastern Asia that would protect Chinese national interests. This is one of the directions for cooperation between Russia and China, as the security of Northeast Asia means the security of certain Chinese provinces and the Russian Far East. I am sure that not only our bilateral turnover, but also the level of partnership will significantly improve. And it will enable us to speak about moving toward a real bipolar world.”