Putin encourages experts

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured attendants of the National Security Council that “there was no military threat, threat to sovereignty, territorial integrity, today.” In his words, the strategic balance of forces in the world and the fact that Russia “is not part of any alliances” is a guarantee of security. Putin believes that “any country being part of an alliance loses part of its sovereignty and it does not always reflect national interests of a country.”

“The language of ultimatums and sanctions is becoming more common for the world, the notion of state sovereignty is eroding; unfavourable regimes and countries pursuing independent policy or standing on the path of someone’s interests is destabilized. The so-called colour revolutions, if we call things by their names – simply coups, provoked and financed by foreigners – are used for this purpose.

Stress is put on problems in countries, but there are always plenty of problems, especially in unstable countries, countries with a complicated regime. Of course, there are always problems, it is just unclear why they are used for total destabilization and collapse of countries, as we have often recently seen in different regions of the world.

Bets are often put on radical nationalistic, sometimes even neo-fascist, fundamentalist forces, as it has been happening in many countries of the post-Soviet space and as it is happening in Ukraine now,” clarified Putin.

Alexey Mukhin, the director general of the Center for Political Information, believes that “the session of the Russian Security Council, as it seems, was held in the context of a very unfavourable outcome as a result of certain events. However, the outcome turned out to be favourable, so we heard no sensations as a result of the session.”

According to the expert, the Security Council was summoned because of the so-called partial mobilization announced by Petro Poroshenko after the Boeing-777 crash and before any results of the investigation. He wants NATO forces to enter Ukraine and arm his troops with high-accuracy weapons. “It is a direct and straightforward threat to Russian national security. It turns out it will not happen. Considering that Kiev lacks the resources needed to withstand the militia. Kiev cannot succeed without foreign interference. That is why there is a question about who will be the foreign groups Kiev plans invite to its territory to resolve its obviously and now economic and social problems,” states Mukhin.

Putin’s declaration that Russia will not neglect the international law means that Moscow will make no sudden political steps, the expert insists. Moreover, Putin has recognized certain influence of Russia, at least moral influence on the so-called militia, in the south-eastern part of Ukraine, According to Mukhin, the president “made a move long awaited on European platforms, Russia is ready to take part in any correction of actions. It is a tribute to the type of sports, martial arts, Vladimir Putin practices, it is called judo and implies demonstration of flexible attitude towards the opponent. And Russia here enters a very interesting and very dangerous phase of relations with the West.”

Mukhin has clear understanding that the West at this moment is of no monolithic threat to Russia: “The refusal to join the third wave of EU sanctions has brought in certain dissonance in the work of politicians criticizing Russia. In this case, Russia preserved the right to keep its foreign and interior political course. Tightening the screws in the near future, as many personas in the Russian politics do, will not happen. Another problem is that the government will keep a watch on the hands of non-commercial organizations that are conspicuously or discreetly pursuing interests of our political opponents.”

The expert believes that “the recent policy of the U.S. towards Russia has not longer been adequate. It crossed the line of law, moral and manner long ago. The official declarations we have from the State Department and other sources on the U.S. territory have not proven Russia guilty of the incident that had happened with Boeing-777 yet. In this context, the U.S. is put in the Boy Who Cried Wolf situation, when the public has been double crossed many times. In the end, the child needs flogging. It is the only way to discipline him.”