Doctor Kozlova about chickenpox and children's activities

Interview by Vladimir Nesterov. Exclusively for Vestnik Kavkaza
Doctor Kozlova about chickenpox and children's activities

The flu epidemic in Russia is declining, but in some regions chickenpox is being activated. The seasonal illness is caused by the accumulation of children indoors during the cold season, which is why the peak of chickenpox is usually registered in winter and spring. Lyudmila Kozlova, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Science, Professor and Doctor of Medicine, vice chairwoman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy answers the questions of televiewers, radio listeners and readers of Vestnik Kavkaza in the "Ask Doctor Kozlova" program. Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna represents the Smolensk region in the upper house of parliament.

- My child is two and a half years old, he has chickenpox. But he's bearing it quite easily. He is active, he has no high temperature. Our family doctor advised that he take tacyclovir. Is it worth giving the child anti-herpetic drugs?

- It isn't necessary in this case.

- A child has chickenpox. Which folk remedies can we take to recover quickly?

- If the child has no allergy, you can give him berry fruit drinks and decoctions of herbs – cowberry, cranberry, rosehip, chamomile, bur marigold, linden flowers.

- My three-year-old nephew has a high temperature fever and pimples have appeared all over his body and under his hair. Is it chickenpox?

- The appearance of so-called 'pimples' is very similar to chickenpox. But a diagnosis of chickenpox can be made only by an experienced doctor after an internal survey of the child.

- My neighbor's child was diagnosed with chickenpox just after examination by a doctor. Is it competent to make such a diagnosis without special tests?

- If a child has a rash, which is typical for chickenpox, the diagnosis can be made after examination and information on the beginning of the disease and its course. Tests are necessary only in case of a protracted and complicated course of the disease.

- A child has otitis. He is one and a half years old. Our doctor prescribed ear drops, as well as lasolvan for some reason. The child's throat isn't red. He was asked why he prescribed it and he answered that it was for prevention. Should the medicine be taken according to the prescription?

- Lasolvan has mucolytic properties and it is used for acute and chronic respiratory diseases. But the doctor has prescribed Lasolvan RINO for your child, which has a vasoconstrictory effect and reduces edema of the mucosa nasal cavity. As a result, the permeability of the nasal passages is restored quickly and nasal breathing is facilitated for a long time.

- A child is two years old and is very active. He runs almost all the time. I was advised to use glycine. Should I give the child such a drug?

- Glycine is used in case of states and diseases accompanied by increased excitability, emotional instability, decreased mental capacity and sleep disorders (neuroses, neurosis-like states, dystonia, and consequences neuroinfections TBI). Despite the absence of adverse reactions, the drug should be used according to a physician's prescription.

- A child is one and a half years old and is very active and it needs a long time, about 1.5-2 hours, to fall asleep. He needs to be rocked to sleep in arms while walking. My mother has some problems with her back. Can sedative herbal teas be given?

- Only after a doctor's examination and according to his recommendations. Because the reasons for this may be quite different – from improper upbringing to the effects of perinatal of the nervous system and other diseases.

- A child is 1 year and 9 months old. He refuses to chew meat or potatoes. He prefers food from the blender, and nibbles apples. Do I need to worry?

- First of all, it is necessary to train the child to take solid food and you should stop using the blender, as well as start kneading food with a fork, preparing as a second course and soups. If a child eats soups and puree, in this case you can make it puree less homogeneous. It is possible to cope with this if you make efforts and have patience.

- A child is 2 years and 7 months old. He has never eaten soups, sometimes it even causes vomiting. Can he do without soups for lunch?

- A soup should be included in a baby's ration from about 9-12 months. It is a good dish, which stimulates the appetite and digestion, as well as replenishes liquid. Dietary soups in the form of soups, mashed potatoes, soups, cream soups with mashed ingredients with a fork are used at an early age. These soups brisk up ferments, separation of the digestive juices, provide the necessary liquid and help to digest side and main dishes. At the same time, soups are not a necessary dish in the menu. If a baby does not eat soup it should receive a lot of liquid at the time of drinking it order not to suffer from constipation due to substantial food.