Luis Chang Boldrini: "Azerbaijan to stay in my heart forever"

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Luis Chang Boldrini: "Azerbaijan to stay in my heart forever"

A year ago the embassy of the Republic of Peru headed by Charge d'Affaires Luis Chang Boldrini has started its work in Azerbaijan. This week, the Peruvian ambassador Maria Milagros Castañon Seoane arrived in Baku. She will be able to take up her duties once her credentials are accepted by the president, and Luis Chang Boldrini leaves Azerbaijan in early June. Before leaving, he shared his visionof the Azerbaijani-Peruvian relations with Vestnik Kavkaza.

- What were your successes in Azerbaijan in a year?

- My first assignment was to open the embassy, make it work. Now we are ready to offer new initiatives, new ideas and try to implement them. We're just at the beginning of this process, but we have experienced some success in the sphere of culture. Now we want to achieve success by developing ties with Azerbaijan in other spheres. While we sow, and then we will reap it. We have a long way to go ahead of us before results could be reached.

- Do you keep in touch with the Azerbaijani Diplomatic Academy?

- Yes, we have signed an agreement with the Diplomatic Academy, ADA University. I would like we in Peru have such a wonderful organization as ADA. Now we are working on the implementation of the agreement. Perhaps next year we will start holding seminars, student and personnel exchanges. Thanks to modern technology, we do not even need to go anywhere. I think that it will be useful for our students, their rapprochement. We need to show young professionals in both countries what opportunities exist for sharing knowledge.

-What are the most promising areas in terms of cooperation with Azerbaijan?

- I think that the investment aspect can be realized in the coming years. Despite the distance separating us, Azerbaijani businessmen show interest in mining operations and services. Many companies view Peru as an investment area for doing business in our country. We have large gold reserves. Peru is the fifth-largest gold producer. Therefore, companies want to expand their activities there, and Peru provides them such an opportunity. Now only 2% of potential production is realized in our country. Azerbaijani businessmen look across the ocean and consider Peru's opportunities interesting.

There are also Azerbaijani companies that can compete with foreign companies developing Peru's telecommunications sector.

- You said that progress has already been made in the sphere of culture. Is it possible to draw a parallel between Peruvian music and traditional Azerbaijani mugham?

- There was a concert where the charango player from Peru performed together with mugham. I really liked it, it was interesting to know how you can combine two different instruments from two different parts of the world. Musicians managed to open their hearts to these new opportunities, share their passion, love for music and mix two different styles. It was incredible. That was the first time I ever saw mugham and was very excited.

- What did you remember the most in Azerbaijan?

- Everything here was extraordinary for me. I'm very sorry to leave, but I have to. Azerbaijan will stay in my heart forever. I have already promised my friends that I will come here to get married. My visit will depend on this.