Petr Fradkov: "Azerbaijan is a very promising direction for the Russian exporters"

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Petr Fradkov: "Azerbaijan is a very promising direction for the Russian exporters"

Today, Moscow hosted a press conference on the creation in Russia of the National Congress Bureau association. The association will promote the infrastructure potential of the Russian regions for holding various international conferences and congresses, as well as developing business tourism in the Russian Federation. On the sidelines of the conference, Vestnik Kavkaza spoke with the head of the group of companies of the Russian Export Center, Peter Fradkov, about the possibilities of the new association in the North Caucasus and work of the Russian-Azerbaijani Business Council.

- What are the opportunities for the regions of the North Caucasus regarding the activities of the National Congress Bureau?

- First of all I will note that together with colleagues from Roscongress, we decided to participate in the work of the National Congress Bureau, because it is very important for us that more congress, forum, exhibition events take place in Russia, and Russian companies take more active part in them. What we see now, the events are held mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg, to a lesser extent in other large cities - but the most of them should be held in the Russian regions, as it will be more affordable for companies that can offer their services and goods .

As for the regions of the North Caucasus, this is very important for them as well. Unfortunately, our companies, especially small ones, not always can break through to any serious events abroad and show their products. If we organize an exhibition or congress directly on their territory, whether it is an event related to tourism, agricultural products or other areas that are objectively in great demand, then local companies will have an opportunity to participate more actively and show what they can offer.

- What are the current export opportunities of the North Caucasus?

- The North Caucasus has such opportunities. Now the NCFD is not the most industrial-intensive region, but we find those points of contact where the export potential is present - these are agricultural products, certain elements of nutrition, light industry and the construction materials industry. Now we can see that there is an active development in these areas.

- How do the Russian-Azerbaijani trade relations develop in the framework of the Russian-Azerbaijani Business Council that you are heading?

- Now it is quite an active process - more than 50 companies from the Russian side have joined the Russian-Azerbaijani Council for one and a half years of its work. These are banks, industrial companies and various business circles that are interested in working in Azerbaijan. We see a fairly large increase in trade with Azerbaijan, the Russian Export Center is actively participating in supporting the Russian-Azerbaijani projects - by the end of this year we have a portfolio of about $ 500 million projects of Russian companies with the support of the Russian Export Center. We are talking about projects in various fields: oil and gas, railroad engineering, food products, and pharmacology. We believe that Azerbaijan is a very good and promising direction for the Russian exporters.

- Do the North Caucasus regions participate in this work with Azerbaijan?

-Exactly in this area the North Caucasus business has very good ties. If I'm not mistaken, the very close ties have been established in the republic with the Stavropol Territory. Recently, we held a big meeting there, then a meeting of the economy ministers of the two countries was organized. As a result of the event, it was clear that there is a great potential for the Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation in tourism, services and many other fields.