Sergey Menyailo: first skiing season in Mamison to kick off in winter 2024

Andrey Petrov
Sergey Menyailo: first skiing season in Mamison to kick off in winter 2024

Vestnik Kavkaza spoke with the head of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Sergey Menyailo, about how North Ossetian resorts are developing today.

- Sergey Ivanovich, what is the republic doing today to develop its tourism sector?

- Last year, Ossetia received a large subsidy for the construction of glampings, nearly 600 mln rubles. The implementation of projects is currently underway. There are already built glamping sites that our guests are choosing to stay in. This program will be fully implemented in 2024.

In addition, construction work is actively underway at our promising sites: Mamison, Alanya Park and Kakhtisar. In Kakhtisar, all utilities have been installed, and the road has been completed. In Alanya Park, a cable car and a Ferris wheel have been installed. A multifunctional center that will ensure the operation of the park is ready, as well as a snow support system. A 1700 m highway has also been built, the project of a five-star hotel with a restaurant is being carried out. Downstairs, where Popov Khutor is, the projection of facilities similar to glampings is underway.

- How is the construction of Mamison going?

- There is now a hotel in Mamison. The first stage of construction under the auspices of  Kavkaz.RF includes creation of two ropeways, they are being built at full speed. Work is also underway on a parking lot for 500 cars, a hostel for 700 places and a dormitory for 400 places. In addition, a territory planning project has been made, and this is only the first stage. There are still spots for development, where the projection of locations is already underway beyond 2024.

In general, the road, utilities, water supply, gas supply - everything is done. The readiness of the second section of the road to Mamison is 80%. We expect that this winter, the first skiing season will kick off in Mamison; we have time for accommodation and infrastructure. The most important things are ropeways and tracking. The tracking is already being done.

- How are the tasks of increasing the number of places solved?

- The glamping construction program that I spoke about, covers all our gorges. 6 glamping sites have already been built in Gornaya Saniba. There are plans for additional construction. In the area of the Water Station in Vladikavkaz, the Aqua City project is being implemented: a hotel and entertainment complex with a full range of services.

All hotels we have are being transferred to a higher category. Today, the Vladikavkaz hotel is a part of the DoubleTree franchise, its staff has been trained and works according to Hilton standards, so its level has risen. We are also considering the construction of hotels both in Vladikavkaz and in our gorges.

- Why is North Ossetia developing glamping sites?

- I think the main reason why we went with the glamping program is the speed of implementation. They are quick to build, and they are better suited to our conditions: we have nature reserves, forests in gorges, and glampings do not rely greatly on the land and there are no restrictions for their construction.

In one of the gorges we have an abandoned facility. In May, we will review the project, and in 2025, this abandoned facility will be turned into a hotel and resort complex. We have reviewed the territory planning project, and negotiations are currently underway with the investor on financing.

- What is the situation with beds at the moment?

- The Republic today, in terms of beds, little legs behind, that’s a fact. We are completely booked for the New Year holidays, May 9, and the summer. But the implementation of tourism projects has a multiplier effect in terms of the construction of accommodation facilities, the service sector and personnel training.