Abkhazia resorts among the most popular among Russians

Abkhazia resorts among the most popular among Russians

© Photo: Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

Looking for a summer holiday abroad, Russians are increasingly choosing the resorts of Abkhazia. In terms of popularity among Russians, the country's Black Sea beaches are ahead of the Egyptian, the UAE and Thai resorts, becoming 2nd in popularity after Turkish.

The resorts of Abkhazia are gaining increasing popularity among Russians who are planning to spend their summer vacation abroad, the online tour store Travelata reports after analyzing bookings for the summer.

According to the travel agency, the country not only entered the top 5 destinations for summer vacation, but also is the 2nd in terms of the number of expected visitors after Türkiye, ahead of Egypt, the UAE and Thailand.

Despite the greatly increased cost of summer holidays, Türkiye is still the leader among Russians, although a week-long holiday for two in an all-inclusive hotel in the country will cost travelers an average of 275,000 rubles. Abkhazia attracts Russians with its relative cheapness, although prices there have also increased.