Abu Dhabi ranked as world's safest city

Abu Dhabi ranked as world's safest city

Global statistic database, Numbeo has published the result of its 2023 survey into the quality of life in various parts of the globe. Abu Dhabi sits at the top of the table (for the sixth year running) of 416 cities.

The survey establishes an overall value for ‘quality of life’ based on a number of qualifying factors, aspects of life that contribute to an overall sense that ‘you know what, this place is actually pretty nice’.

Because of their consistently low crime rates, three other UAE cities also featured in the top 10 safest cities of the world. Ajman came in fourth, Sharjah in fifth and Dubai picked up a very respectable seventh.

The UAE came in second place (out of 84) for the safest country overall in the national league table, being pipped at the post by 0.3 of a point by Qatar.