Advanced Shahid Mahdavi warship delivered to IRGC Navy


An ocean-going warship, named Shahid Mahdavi, were added to the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy fleet in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas on Thursday morning.

The multi-purpose Shahid Mahdavi warship, manufactured by local experts and technicians, weighs more than 2,100 tons. It also has a length of 240 meters and a width of 27 meters.

Equipped with a 3-dimensional phased array radar, sea-to-sea and sea-to-air missiles, and advanced communication systems for electronic warfare, the warship is capable of carrying different types of helicopters, drones and speedboats, Tasnim reported.

“The Shahid Mahdavi warship is like a mobile maritime city ready to carry out ocean missions … to create sustainable security of sea communication lines and provide aid to the commercial and fishing fleets of the Islamic Republic and regional countries,” IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri said at the delivering ceremony.

Also, 95 Ashura- and Tareq-class missile-launching speed boats joined the IRGC Navy fleet on Thursday. They can launch rockets with a range of between 100 and 180 kilometers.  

They enjoy high maneuverability and have been designed to carry out missions in different weather conditions.

© Photo :IRNA