Alexander Rahr: there is a typical Orange Revolution in Armenia

Alexander Rahr: there is a typical Orange Revolution in Armenia

What is happening today in Armenia is a typical example of the Orange Revolution, although with its own national peculiarities, well-known German political scientist Alexander Rahr said in a conversation with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, commenting on a new turn in the Armenian events related to the failure to vote for the new prime minister in the Armenian parliament and a new surge of protests against the authorities of the Republican Party and the Karabakh clan.

"In Armenia, a typical Orange Revolution is taking place, while it is important that the external factor is minimal in this case. The revolution is happening due to the fact that the country is very poor, and there are many people dissatisfied with this state of affairs. Simply put, citizens are fed up with these authorities and people want to see other leaders of the state, " he noted first of all.

However, according to Alexander Rahr, new Yerevan after the final change of power is unlikely to follow the path of Kiev. "I rule out the Ukrainian way of development. There will be no turn towards the West, at least, there will not be such a turn in the foreign policy framework. Note that during these protests, there were no anti-Russian slogans, like during the Ukrainian EuroMaidan. The fact is that Armenia's economic dependence on Russia and its enmity with Turkey and Azerbaijan remains, " the political scientist said, adding that this is well understood not only in Yerevan, but also in Moscow.

In the future, the situation is likely to worsen. "The parliament still has to elect a prime minister by a majority vote, but in the current situation, the head of government should be more a neutral politician to satisfy all sides. Otherwise, the state will have to dissolve the parliament and organise the early parliamentary elections. The problem is that this will have to be fair elections, but the atmosphere in the country is now so tense that it is unlikely that the National Assembly will be re-elected”, Alexander Rahr said.

"The West is now actively writing that the revolution in Armenia is hitting Russia, that there is a similar situation, but in fact, in my opinion, it is worth to expect really dangerous color revolutions in Iran and Turkey, where there are a lot of dissatisfied citizens,’’ the German political scientist concluded.