Allies worried Joe Biden shaky on Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Allies worried Joe Biden shaky on Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Axios published today a summary of Western politicians' reactions to the current U.S. activity in relation to pressure on Russia's pipeline project Nord Stream 2. The big picture, according to the article, is that Europe is now unhappy with the absence of any decisive steps against the pipeline by the Biden administration.

"Russia's adversaries in central and Eastern Europe are worried President Biden isn't willing to fight hard to stop the Russia-Germany gas pipeline Nord Stream 2," the article reads.

"Russian opponents fear Biden doesn't want to antagonize Angela Merkel and won't inflict serious costs on the Germans," Axios wrote.

According to the article, "the completion of Nord Stream 2 would be a huge geopolitical win for Russia" and give Moscow substantial new leverage in Europe.

The main opponents of the project in Europe are Poland and Ukraine. At the same time, the main beneficiary of Nord Stream 2, Germany, is actively promoting the implementation of the project, refusing to comply with U.S. requirements to stop laying the pipeline.