Andrey Sobolev: The most important thing for Crimeans right now is the feeling of native country

 Andrey Sobolev: The most important thing for Crimeans right now is the feeling of native country

The most important positive feeling which the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol are experiencing right now is the feeling of native country. A member of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, a representative of the executive body of Sevastopol, Andrey Sobolev, said during "Tribune" program in Vestnik Kavkaza studio.

"Crimeans have a lot of positive things right now. The feeling of native country, above all. This feeling never leaves people, especially in the spring, when we celebrate the anniversary of reunification with Russia. I think that it can't be measured by any figures, meters, cubic meters, hectares, - nothing can measure it. It is the most important thing," he said.

According to the senator, right now Crimea really has a lot of problems. "But those are our, native, Russian problems, which we will resolve together with the entire country, and we know it. The entire Russia is helping Crimea today," politician stressed.

In general, as Sobolev noted, some difficulties, experienced by the residents of Crimea, can be explained by external conditions, which the republic is currently facing. "We are living in a normal environment of the Russian legislation and the Russian economy - but in the realities of blockade, and it is the most important point. Crimea today is an island, with all resulting consequences. They cut off water, they cut off electricity, they cut off ports. Thank God the airport is working. But it does not upset us, it makes us more focused, makes us realists," the senator from Sevastopol stated.

"Today, no one in Crimea denies the results of the referendum, on the contrary, everyone knows that it is a great miracle, and we will live with it. But it is very hard to implement into the Russian society today, even in a legislative way. For an engineer, for example, nothing has changed. But for officials, for example, for all people who works with documents circulation, it is not easy: you have to learn how to live according to the Russian standards in every respect. We face new tasks," he pointed out.

In addition, currently, Crimea is often just unable to use those resources, that Russia is ready to provide. "It is physically impossible: there are certain time and organizational criterias. It is impossible, for example, to sent 200 workers on one construction site at the same time - there will be no work for them," the senator noted.

However, the politician stressed that there are also a lot of positive moments. "The price of real estate in Crimea is getting close to Moscow prices, there is a demand for it. There are so much tourists, we can't even deal with the tourist flow sometimes. Yes, the conditions may not correspond to what the Russians usually get in Egypt, Cyprus, but we will reach this level," he said.

In conclusion, he urged all viewers and listeners to come for vacation to Crimea.