Anti-Pashinyan protesters storm Armenian parliament

Anti-Pashinyan protesters storm Armenian parliament

© Photo: Protest Telegram channel

The protests resulted in clashes with police near the Armenian parliament building in Yerevan. First, a stampede began at the scene, then demonstrators stormed the National Assembly, and security forces began using stun grenades. Photos and videos from the scene are being published on Telegram.

The situation at the protest rally near the Armenian parliament has worsened - the police are harshly suppressing the unrest.

Protesters led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan tried to enter the parliament building, where Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was speaking. Security forces blocked their way, and a stampede began, in which three people were injured.

Later, a fight broke out in parliament between opposition members and representatives of the ruling party. Having learned about this, several opposition deputies also tried to enter the National Assembly, but the police did not let them in either. As a result, the demonstrators tried to break through the cordon and began throwing water bottles and stones at the law enforcement officers.