Arab tourist influx to Azerbaijan grew 30-fold

Arab tourist influx to Azerbaijan grew 30-fold

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Azerbaijan has publsiehd the statistics of the Arabs and the Iranians coming to the country.

The Ministry informs that compared to May 2015, last month the number of the Arabs coming to Azerbaijan grew by 30 times, reported.

"In May 2015 Azerbaijan was visited only by 99 Arab citizens and in May 2016 the indicator reached 3,000 people, i.e. the quantity of coming Arab citizens grew 30-fold," the MCTA said.

According to the Ministry, the number of coming Iranian citizens has increased as well. So, for Jan-May of past year 61,096 people came to Azerbaijan and for Jan-May 2016 the number of visitors from Iran increased by 23% up to 74,890 people.

"Most of all Iranians come to Azerbaijan on March holidays Novruz, and precisely for March the number of tourists from this country grew by 87%," the Ministry said in a statement.