Armenian citizens still prefer Pashinyan

Armenian citizens still prefer Pashinyan

A public opinion poll conducted by the Armenian office of the Gallup International Аssociation found that 38.8% believe that Nikol Pashinyan should remain in the post of prime minister, 17.6% found it difficult to answer. 43.6% of respondents want him to resign, which is 8.6% more than in November 2020.

But still, Pashinyan leads the individual ranking of the most popular politicians. On a rating scale from 1 to 5, he earned 2.8 points, Armenian President Armen Sargsyan - 2.3 points, first President Levon Ter-Petrosyan - 1.7 points, second President Robert Kocharian - 2 points, third President Serzh Sargsyan - 1,7 points.

About 58% of the respondents backed the idea of holding early parliamentary elections.

Some 37.1% of the polled respondents believe that snap parliamentary elections are dictated by the current political situation in the country, 21.3% believe that such polls are "rather needed." At the same time, 19.7% of the respondents said no snap polls are needed at all and 13.6% are inclined to believe that the elections are "rather unnecessary."

Also, 41.2% of the respondents believe that snap elections should be held under the leadership of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, 28.2% hold the opposite opinion. Some 7.9% of the respondents noted that the elections should be held by the interim government and 13.9% found it difficult to answer.

Over a third of the respondents (35%) completely disagree with the statement of the ruling parliamentary bloc My Step that there is no need to hold early parliamentary elections. Another 15.9% of the respondents "rather disagree" with this statement. Some 28.2% fully agree with the opinion of My Step and 11.7% "rather agree."

But at the same time, 33.1% of the respondents, if the elections to the National Assembly are held next Sunday, would vote in favor of My Step bloc, 27.2% would not give their votes to anyone, and 15.7% found it difficult to choose.

The rest of the respondents would vote in favor of the Prosperous Armenia Party (4.4%), Bright Armenia (2.6%), Republican Party of Armenia (2.2%), ARF/ Dashnaktsutyun (2.2%).