Azad Rahimov: the Trampoline World Cup in Baku will become an unforgettable event

Azad Rahimov: the Trampoline World Cup in Baku will become an unforgettable event

Azerbaijan is known today as a sports country, and the growth of its athletic performance is in the focus of the international community, the Minister of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov said today at the welcoming speech at the opening ceremony of the Trampoline World Cup, held in Baku for the first time.

"Our country has become a venue for many prestigious international competitions. The First European Games, the World and European Championships, international tournaments held in Azerbaijan were organized at a high level in terms of modern requirements. That is why the international sporting structures regularly rely for such events on Azerbaijan. To justify this trust we are trying to adequately fulfill our objectives, with particular attention and guidance from the head of state, President of the National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev," Azad Rahimov said, adding that the World Cup will be held at a high level.

The Minister pointed out that after the first lady of Azerbaijan, the president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva, was elected as the president of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the interest in all types of sports, including jumping on trampoline, has grown significantly, and competitions in gymnastics are held at a high level, every time turning to a celebration of sports. ‘’Having an opportunity, on behalf of the sports community, I would like to express deep gratitude to the head of state, President Ilham Aliyev, and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva for the care and attention to Azerbaijani sport," Azad Rahimov said.

Speaking about the first Trampoline World Cup in Azerbaijan, the minister stressed that it will be remembered by the competitors and the fans as an unforgettable event. "I hope the athletes who will test their strength at the World Cup adequately demonstrate their abilities and at the 31st Summer Olympic Games to be held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro on August 5-21st. I wish every athlete a worthy fight and to get a well-deserved victory," he said.

In turn, the President of the Technical Committee for Trampoline Gymnastics of the International Gymnastics Federation Horst Kunze thanked the athletes, delegations and judges, because with their participation they supported this stage of the World Cup. ‘’The International Gymnastics Federation headed by its president Bruno Grandi sends you their greetings. Mr. Grandi regrets that he cannot participate here because of a busy work schedule. I express my gratitude to the Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation for all the work carried out in the preparatory process for the World Cup," Kunze said, wishing success to the athletes and excitement to the spectators.

The Vice-President of the Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation, Altay Hasanov, on behalf of the President of Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation, Mehriban Aliyeva, welcomed all the participants of the Trampoline World Cup. "Two weeks ago, the National Gymnastics Arena adopted the FIG series of the World Cup 'Challenge' in artistic gymnastics in Baku for the first time. Today we are witnessing a stage of the World Cup, first held in our country for another kind of gymnastics — trampoline gymnastics," he said.

He also drew attention to Azerbaijan’s entering a new stage of development of gymnastics, as evidenced by the consistent implementation of two such prestigious tournaments in Baku. "During the two days of this playground we will follow the performances of the talented and famous trampoline gymnasts. The performances of  these athletes will inspire the rising younger generation  showing great interest in trampoline gymnastics in our country and encourage them to be steadfast in the big sports. I am grateful to each member of the Organizing Committee.who made a contribution to the competition, the volunteers, spectators gathered here, and I wish success and new victories to the athletes! I congratulate all of you on another occasion of gymnastics and declare the FIG series Trampoline World Cup opened!" Altay Hasanov finished his speech.

After this greeting the audience watched a colorful opening ceremony performed by the representatives of various gymnastic disciplines to the musical accompaniment of Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, the national Azerbaijani melody and song ‘Ey Vətən’.