Azerbaijan already numbers 900 travel agencies

 Azerbaijan already numbers 900 travel agencies

The Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTa) is concerned about the situation in the domestic tourism market. AzTa head Nahid Bagirov has stated that before liquidation of tourism licensing Azerbaijan numbered about 300 travel agencies.

"After the licensing has been cancelled, the number of tourism companies has grown up to 900 businesses, but the main problem of such a large number is the issue of regulation, or rather lack of regulation that entails serious problems," Bagirov said.

He added that the Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Azerbaijan is developing now a special mechanism of regulation of the sphere.

"A new method of regulation will be applied also within the new Law on Tourism that has been recently discussed with Azerbaijani parliamentarians and which implies creation of a travel register to be the method of regulation of the sphere," quoted him as saying.