Azerbaijan and Armenia agree to start work of border delimitation commission

Azerbaijan and Armenia agree to start work of border delimitation commission

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has had a meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and President of the European Council Charles Michel in Brussels on May 22.

Following the meeting, which lasted about 5 hours, Charles Michel made a statement to the press. He stressed that the commission on border delimitation and border security will start work in "the coming days," with Aliyev and Pashinyan agreeing also on the need to proceed with unblocking transport links between the two countries.

"The first joint meeting of the Border Commissions will take place on the inter-state border in the coming days. It will address all questions related to the delimitation of the border and how best to ensure a stable situation," the statement reads.

"The leaders agreed on the need to proceed with unblocking the transport links. They agreed on the principles governing transit between western Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan, and between different parts of Armenia via Azerbaijan, as well as international transport through communications infrastructure of both countries. Notably they agreed on principles of border administration, security, land fees but also customs in the context of international transport. The Deputy Prime Ministers will take this work forward in the coming days," the statament reads.

"The leaders agreed to advance discussions on the future peace treaty governing inter-state relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan," Michel said in a statement after the meeting, adding that foreign ministers will meet "in the coming weeks."

He also said that the joint working group on socio-economic development will continue its work. "With regard to socio-economic development, the EU will take forward with both parties the work of the Economic Advisory Group, which seeks to advance economic development for the benefit of both countries and their populations.," RIA Novosti cited the President of the European Council as saying.

Michel added that another trilateral meeting between the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia in this format will be held by July or August.