Azerbaijan to bring back embassy staff from Tehran

Azerbaijan to bring back embassy staff from Tehran

Azerbaijan, not trusting Iran, will bring back diplomats from Tehran on its own after the January 27 terrorist attack.

Today, the official representative of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, Aykhan Hajizade, announced the plan for the evacuation of the Azerbaijani diplomatic mission from Tehran. it will be carried out by state aircraft.

Hajizade specified that the plane had not yet arrived in Tehran. All members of the diplomatic mission and their families will fly back to Baku on the provided plane. The plane will deliver the body of Orkhan Askerov, head of the embassy's security, who was killed yesterday.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan added that Orkhan Askerov, who became a martyr, will rest on the second Alley of Martyrs in the capital of Azerbaijan.