Bakhtadze: poverty is Georgia's main enemy

Bakhtadze: poverty is Georgia's main enemy

Georgia's Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said that Georgia is facing two painful challenges – poverty and unemployment.

According to him, everyone wants the country to be without poverty, where every citizen will have the right to a decent life.

The PM said that Georgia's national task is to overcome both challenges through joint efforts. "Our goal is to return Georgia to its large European family, where the main values are freedom of human, human rights, freedom of court and the media, the rule of law, private property. Achieving all of this is a difficult task due to challenges we face," cited Bakhtadze as saying.

According to him, carrying out real change in Georgia has begun since 2012 and the maximum is done to overcome poverty. But as he noted the poverty still remains as one of the main problems of the country and Georgia's main task is to overcome it.