Bank of Russia calculates ruble exchange rate without exchange trading

Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

The press service of the Central Bank of Russia reported that the ruble exchange rate was calculated without exchange trading for the first time.

It is noted that the dollar has amounted to 88.21 rubles (-81.34 kopecks), the euro exchange rate has become 94.83 rubles (-90.67 kopecks). Today, the yuan exchange rate has decreased by 19.02 kopecks to 12.04 rubles.

On June 12, the USA included the National Clearing Center and the Moscow Exchange on the sanctions list. Foreign currency trading has been moved to the over-the-counter market.

Starting today, the Bank of Russia has established official exchange rates based on bank reports and over-the-counter trading data.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza