Big Russian firms to draft policy on big data

Big Russian firms to draft policy on big data

Russia's mobile operator MegaFon, Internet companies Yandex and Mail.Ru Group, research company oneFactor, and banks Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank have established an association to set up common principles and standards in the big data sphere, a MegaFon spokesperson said.

The association’s president is MegaFon Chief Operating Officer Anna Serebryanikova

Members of the association will create common principles and standards of processing, storage, transfer, and use of big data. Joint developments will become grounds for a policy of treating big data by every member company of the association.

"The organization’s priority tasks are elaboration of a business-oriented strategy to develop the big data market, improve technical and operating effectiveness of cooperation of industry actors, and shape a code of ethics to protect users’ interests," PRIME cited the spokesperson as saying.

MegaFon believes that the volume of the big data market could reach 500–800 billion rubles during 5 years.