CAS overturns doping decisions on 28 Russian athletes

CAS overturns doping decisions on 28 Russian athletes

Twenty-eight Russian athletes have had their Olympic doping bans overturned and their results from the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi reinstated after their appeals were upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), according to the court’s news release.

The International Olympic Committee had earlier banned them from participating in the Olympic Games over accusations of breaching anti-doping rules at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

The court upheld the appeals of Ekaterina Lebedeva (ice hockey), Dmitry Trunenkov (bobsleigh), Ekaterina Pashkevich (ice hockey), Aleksei Negodailo (bobsleigh), Tatiana Burina (ice hockey), Olga Stulneva (bobsleigh), Anna Shchukina (ice hockey), Liudmila Udobkina (bobsleigh), Ekaterina Smolentseva (ice hockey), Aleksander Tretiakov (skeleton), Sergei Chudinov (skeleton), Elena Nikitina (skeleton), Olga Potylitsyna (skeleton), Maria Orlova (skeleton), Alexander Kasyanov (bobsleigh), Alexander Legkov (cross-country skiing), Evgeniy Belov (cross-country skiing), Maxim Vylegzhanin (cross-country skiing), Alexey Petukhov (cross-country skiing), Nikita Kryukov (cross-country skiing), Alexander Bessmertnykh (cross-country skiing), Evgenia Shapovalova (cross-country skiing), Natalia Matveeva (cross-country skiing), Olga Fatkulina (speed skating) and Alexander Rumyantsev (speed skating), TASS reported..

The sanctions against them were annulled and their individual results achieved in Sochi 2014 were reinstated. 

The court also partially upheld appeals of 11 Russian athletes, replacing a life ban from all Olympic Games with a ban on participating only in the PyeongChang Games, the press release said.