Caspian motorcross participants reach Baku

Telegram channel of the Astrakhan region governor

Participants of the "Caspian-Sea of Friendship" motocross arrived in Baku. The purpose of the event is to strengthen good neighborly relations between the Caspian states.

The governor of the Astrakhan region, Igor Babushkin, as part of a motorcade making a heat entitled "Caspian-Sea of Friendship" around the Caspian Sea, arrived in Baku on Saturday, April 8.

Answering a question from a Sputnik Azerbaijan correspondent about the race and  difficulties with crossing the borders, Babushkin said that the journey is going on as usual, largely due to the support of the leadership of the Caspian countries.

“We passed because we were supported by the governments of all the Caspian states. The necessary instructions were given, so we did not experience any problems at any of the borders, ”

the regional leader said.

Earlier, it was reported that the motocross around the Caspian Sea "Caspian-Sea of Friendship" started on April 1. First, its participants visited Kazakhstan, then Turkmenistan and Iran. The last point on the route is Azerbaijan. The stop in Baku was in motorcyclists’  schedule.

In addition, the participants of the motocross to support their compatriots abroad, visited Orthodox shrines and took part in services.

Before the motocross started, Babushkin, commenting on the relevance of the event, said that the main goal of the motocross is to strengthen good neighborly relations between the Caspian states.

“The Astrakhan region is a geostrategic region that unites the Caspian countries. During these days we will travel through all five Caspian states. We will have official meetings in each state. Everywhere we will discuss the issues of our Caspian cooperation,”

he said.


© Photo :Telegram channel of the Astrakhan region governor