Charles Michel urges to form geopolitical European community

Charles Michel urges to form geopolitical European community

European Council President Charles Michel has called for the creation of a European Geopolitical Community that will include the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkans.

Michel made this proposal on 18 May, speaking at the European Economic and Social Committee.

According  to Michel, “the aim is to forge convergence and deepen operational cooperation to address common challenges, peace, stability and security on our continent”.

Foreign policy would be a major area of cooperation within this community, suggested Michel, adding that the emphasis could be placed on association with socio-economic programmes which do not necessarily require regulatory alignment, but which could bring concrete mutual benefits: “It is clear that programmes such as Erasmus, Horizon, the transport and energy sectors could be useful themes for such cooperation and project.”

Michel also said he has been consulting the 27 European leaders on this issue and decided to put it on the agenda of the June European Council. He will also propose a conference, around the summer or after, which will bring together the EU leaders and those of the partner countries concerned, to discuss concrete options.

He also stressed that the creation of a European geopolitical community should not replace the EU enlargement process, which must be made faster, more dynamic and reversible so as to encourage reforms and advance European integration.