Chechen experience will help to bring peace to Middle East

Chechen experience will help to bring peace to Middle East

Russian Muslim organizations are ready to help the Middle East and take an active part in ending the ongoing conflicts there, while using the experience gained in the national reconciliation of Chechnya, according to materials of the international Islamic conference, which was held in Pyatigorsk.

It was attended by authoritative Muslim theologians, ideologists of Lebanese and Palestinian resistance, leaders of spiritual directorates, representatives of public organizations, bodies of the state authorities of Russia and its constituent parts.

All of them have demonstrated a willingness to respond to the call of the head of council of Kurdistan scientists, Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Said al-Waisi: "About 150 thousand people have been killed, we have suffered from the actions of the West, help us."

"We are ready to expand and strengthen contacts with Muslim and non-governmental organizations in the region along the line of 'people's diplomacy', we are ready to help the peoples of the region to overcome armed conflicts by sharing the experience of Russian Muslims, especially concerning the national reconciliation achieved in the Chechen Republic, which is the most peaceful region of Russia," RIA Novosti cites the resolution adopted at the conference.

The participants also pointed out the need to develop a common position in the fight against extremism and terrorism, to support Russia's actions in Syria and to further strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between the moderate Muslims of the Middle East region.

"Russia has said its word, it makes it clear to the world that the country is against terrorism and violence, that Russia is the only country that shows it through actions. As Russian President Vladimir Putin rightly said, no one needs us to be strong. In Soviet times we were respected because they were afraid of us, during perestroika they laughed at us, Putin returned Russia the respect that it had in Soviet times," the chairman of the Coordinating Center of Muslims of the North Caucasus, Ismail Berdiev, noted.

He is convinced that it is necessary to clarify the policy of the state to people. "There should be fewer liberals on the TV, it irritates people. They act like someone is behind them, it is necessary to clarify the policy, because they are talking about small salaries, and we have one goal – the might of the country, and then we will deal with salaries," Berdiev said.